Saturday, February 06, 2010

Our house

Do you have a favorite part of your house? Like you've put something together, and it just really works? Here are my favorite nooks in our home:

This picture is propped against the bookshelves in our living room. It was a wedding gift, and I just adore it...the bird candlestick was a hand-me-down from my parents. It makes me happy. And our walls are a really light, barely-there mint green.

Here's my other favorite corner...this is a hutch in our dining room. My grandmother gave me the painting, which is by a Mississippi artist. I'm fortunate enough to have two more of his paintings in our home. The lamp is an old one from Pier 1. The palm tree candlesticks are more hand-me-downs from my parents. I set our fine china on the hutch, and I think it works there. And to the side of it is our crystal. I didn't choose the "typical" crystal but wanted something a little funkier. What we chose was a little pricey, so as you can see we only have two goblets...hopefully we'll add more over the years.

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