Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My latest obsession

I am a perfume addict. I've collected so many bottles through the years, and I love picking up old ones and taking a sniff...it can take me back to a certain moment in my life, and I just love that. CK One reminds me of driving around with my girlfriends in high school, with Phish or the Beatles playing in the background. Angel by Thierry Mugler reminds me of my sophomore year in college, drinking Amstel Light at Forrester's or some other bar in Oxford. And Creed's Spring Flowers reminds me of the year I spent in New York.

My best perfume find of late has been Elizabeth W’s Vetiver scent. Elizabeth W is a small perfumery out of San Francisco, but I found the scent originally at a store here in Jackson. The store no longer sells it, so I bought the next bottle through the perfumery’s Web site and got the sweetest note back from one of the owners, thanking me for my purchase and asking me how I discovered Elizabeth W. I like Vetiver so much because it doesn’t smell too girly or too sweet. It’s described as earthy and woody, balanced with scents of citrus and bergamot. Even if you’re not a fan of Vetiver, check out their other lovely fragrances at www.elizabethw.com Each bottle will only run you $35.

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Lindsey said...

I have Elizabeth W's Magnolia and I love it. I always get many compliments on it too.

{ Lindsey }