Sunday, August 10, 2008


I get excited to see new issues of my favorite magazines on the shelves each month. Lucky is one of my favorites...I don't so much as buy the clothes that they advertise, but I do get ideas from their pages. So, imagine my surprise when I opened up my latest issues of Lucky to see these shoes staring back at me. Had I accidentally picked up an issue of AARP magazine? I love the quote that goes with the second shoe: "There basically isn't an outfit on earth I wouldn't wear these flats with." Umm...the only time I'd wear these shoes is if I were dressing up as an un-hip grandma for Halloween.

I do understand the fact that New York fashion editors don't necessarily advertise mainstream clothes. I enjoy the couture looks, and I'm OK if you show me a pink tutu and try to pass it off as the newest cocktail party look...that's fun and whimsical, and I'd agree that some people living in big cities could pull it off. But nobody can or should pull these shoes off. I think the editors of Lucky had a mini-stroke in editing this's hoping they don't scour the nursing homes for their next fashion inspirations.


Anisa said...

these are HORRIBLE! wouldn't catch me in those!

Katie said...

I see you've given in to your inner creative call just like me...I'll read yours if you'll read mine!

Now onto the topic...Um, yes, I saw those. What is going ON? I'll also refer you to Urban Outfitters, where they are currently pushing clunky loafers that look like girls have stolen them from their boyfriends' closets. I'm thoroughly confused.