Thursday, August 07, 2008

I have issues...

My sensitivity issues have gotten out of hand. The other day, I noticed a huge (baseball-sized) wasp nest attached to the door leading from my living room to my balcony. I'd been stung by one of those buggers once already, so now I'm scared to walk out on my balcony...not that I want to in August in Mississippi, but anyway...I've been watching the wasps from inside my apartment, and I've been able to watch them closely since the nest is attached to my balcony door. They're a little family of eight, and they're kind of fun to watch (evidence of further issues I have!). I knew they had to go, however, so I could use my balcony at some point in the future, so I told the manager at my apartment complex. She wrote a work order up, but I honestly assumed it wouldn't get done. I left for an appointment and to run some errands and came home a few hours later. Walking up to my apartment, I looked up at my balcony and could see that the nest was gone, along with the family of wasps. It kind of broke my heart a little. I really need help.

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