Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ya Ain't Been Pucked...

When I was growing up, we took annual family trips to Florida. This was during my pre-teen and early teenager years, so you can understand why a trip to Fudpucker's for dinner was high on my list of things to do while in Destin. I don't know why I subjected myself to each trip, because I knew once we arrived at the restaurant the words that would escape my dad's mouth when I asked him one very important question. Part of the reason I wanted to eat at Fudpucker's each time was so I could ask my dad that all-important question...I guess I partly believed that maybe as each year passed, he would budge a little. It always went like this:

Me: "Dad, can I get a Fudpucker's T-shirt"
Dad: "No."
Me: "Why not?"
Dad: "Because I said so."
Me: "But all my friends have one!"
Dad: "I don't care if all of your friends have one. You're not going to have one."
Me: "At least tell me why I can't have one!"
Dad: "Lindsey, I'm not going to explain the reason. You'll understand one day."

Dad is right. I did understand, finally, as I grew a little older. My dad didn't want his young daughter walking around in a T-shirt that read "Ya Ain't Been Pucked Till Ya Been Fudpucked." Makes sense, huh?

I'm sure I'll have similar arguments with my children one day. I just hope they respect me as much as I respect my dad. He is my hero, my dad.


Anonymous said...

haha...my parents let me have one that someone gave me. we never went to eat there with them so i don't think they got it! ;)

Katie said...

This reminds me of one summer when my family was driving to the airport to go on vacation and the song "Shoop" by Salt n Pepa came on the radio. My sister and I quite happily and naively rapped every single word, while my father listened in horrified silence. When we were through, he informed us he never wanted to hear us listening to Salt n Pepa ever again. Pretty sure when I plaintively asked him WHY I got a similar answer to the one in your story...